Smart Quotes

Smart Quotes Features

Smart Quotes is our brand new feature that allows you to provide attractive Client Quotes in a quick and efficient way!

Produce Attractive Proposals

Easy to read, well formatted documents including the ability to add Images.

Agency Branding

Agency Details are highly visible including Information and Images of the relevant Travel Consultant.

Simple To Add Segments

Create segments within each Trip Proposal by navigating the easy to use Interface which includes GDS Integration for Flight Segments.

Easy App Conversion

Easily convert from Smart Quotes to the Smart Trips App.


Create suggested Trip Plans that can be used to inspire your clients' next adventure.

Add On Feature

Smart Quotes is an optional Add On feature for all Agencies at a cost of $30.00 Per Agency Per Month for Unlimited Quotes.


A Professional Look

Attractively formatted documents with Images.



Produce consistent documents across your agency and staff.



Converting Segments directly to the Smart Trips App.



All of your Agency Quotes in one place.

Take a look at the Smart Trips Hub

A dedicated web-based portal where your travel business creates and stores all the elements of a client’s trip.

Ready to Deliver Smarter Travel?

Smart Trips gives you the technology to streamline your travel business and provide next-level customer service to your clients. Contact us to learn more and let’s book in your free demo call!